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Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV) is the strategic technology venturing program of Saudi Aramco, the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company. Our mission is ‘to invest globally into start-up and high growth companies with technologies of strategic importance to Aramco, to accelerate their development and their deployment in the company.

Our focus areas include:

• Digital & IR4.0 technologies applicable to Aramco’s global operations.
• Sustainability technologies, in particular: carbon capture, utilization & storage; methane emissions reduction; renewables & grid energy storage; industrial energy efficiency; transportation efficiency; greenhouse gas footprint tracing & certification; nature-based greenhouse gas mitigation solutions; hydrogen; synthetic renewable fuels; water and air quality.
• Upstream oil & gas technologies.
• Downstream oil & gas / petrochemicals technologies.
• Non-metallic materials and new applications for hydrocarbons.

Investments typically range from $2-20M and we are flexible in stage of development, from early to expansion stage ventures. We seek companies led by world-class management teams, with differentiated technologies that can add value to Aramco’s operations.

We aim to be a value-adding strategic investor. We actively support portfolio companies in doing business with Saudi Aramco and in accessing the Saudi Arabian and regional MENA market, including facilitating piloting, business development, localization, and accessing of technical and operational expertise. Our team of highly experienced investment professionals provides portfolio companies with guidance and support, and access to a global network. We lead the majority of our investments, and in most instances seek board positions or observer rights.

Besides SAEV, Saudi Aramco operators several venturing programs with different objectives:
Prosperity7, our diversified growth investment program, investing in highly scalable transformative or disruptive ventures outside of the energy industry.
We participate in OGCI Climate Investments, a joint venture of 11 major oil & gas companies representing 40% of global hydrocarbon production, investing in climate related technologies & solutions relevant to the oil & gas industry.
Saudi Aramco also engages with SABIC Ventures, the corporate ventures arm of SABIC, that is focused on new materials and applications, sustainable use of chemicals and plastics, process & resource efficiency and specialty Agri-nutrients.
Wa’ed Ventures, investing in regional ventures with a significant focus on the Saudi Arabian market, supporting economic development, job creation, and development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the MENA region.

Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

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news & events

news & events
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  • 6 November 2021

    SAEV and 9 partners participated the SASAC Sub-group Signing Ceremony of the 4th CIIE and signed collaboration agreement of blockchain based commodity trading platform

  • 29 October 2021

    Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures announces follow-on investment in portfolio company Daphne Technology

  • 8 September 2021

    SAEV portfolio company InflowControl nominated as World Oil Awards 2021 finalist

regional offices

regional offices
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Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Aberdeen Office

Aberdeenshire, UK

Norway Office

Pier X, Bryggegata 3, 0250 Oslo, Norway

North America

Houston, USA

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portfolio companies

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contact us

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Al-midra Tower
11th Floor, West Wing,
Dhahran 31311
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia